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Will you soon be turning 65 or are you thinking about retiring? MASS is holding an informational program for anyone interested in learning how to get started with Medicare. The program will be held at the Robert W. Rowe Library in Sheridan on Monday, September 18th, at 2:00 PM. For more information please call 815-539-7700.

Open Enrollment Period for Medicare Beneficiaries

The open enrollment period for Medicare Prescription Drug Plans will be from: October 15 through December 7, 2017
This open enrollment period is for those wanting to switch plans or for those over age 65 or disabled beneficiaries who have never been enrolled into a plan. Plans, premiums, co-pays, drug costs and deductibles change every year. If you have had changes in medications during the past year, or take several medications, you may want to do a comparison of plans to see if there is a 2018 plan that is better for you. If the comparison shows your current plan is still the best one for you, or if you are satisfied with your current plan, 

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SWITCH. MASS staff has been trained through the Senior Health Insurance Program to assist you with comparisons and enrollments. 

Appointments can be scheduled beginning September 8, 2017
Please call MASS at 815-539-7700 to schedule an appointment.


Extra Help: If you meet certain income and resource limits, you may qualify for Extra Help from Medicare to pay the costs of Medicare prescription drug coverage. Drug costs in 2016 for most people who qualify will be no more than $2.95 for each generic/$7.40 for each brand-name for covered drugs. Other people pay only a portion of their Medicare drug plan premiums and deductibles based on their income level. 
Single-Income $17,655/Assets 13,640 Married-Income $23,895/Assets $27,250

Medicare Savings Programs: Medicare Savings Programs can help pay for Medicare premiums and in some cases, may also pay deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments. There are three Medicare Savings Programs. The Qualified Medical Beneficiary program (QMB) which pays for Part A premiums, Part B premiums, and deductibles, coinsurances, and copayments, Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary program (SLMB) which pays for Part B premiums, Qualified Individual program (QI) which pays for Part B premiums. 

QMB - Single $1,015 / Married $1,360 All Medicare Savings Programs 
SLMB - Single $1,212 / Married $1,626 have an asset limit of: 
QI - Single $1,361 / Married $1,826 Single $7,280 / Married $10,930 

What items are included in the Medicare Savings Program resource limits?
Countable resources include:
Money in a checking or savings account
Countable resources don’t include:
Your home
One car
Burial plot
Up to $1,500 for burial expenses if you have put that money aside
Other household and personal items

Medicare Preventative Services: As a result of the Affordable Care Act, started on January 1, 2011, individuals in Original Medicare qualify for many preventive services for free or at a lower cost. This means the yearly Part B deductible and/or 20% co-insurance will be waived if the doctor accepts assignment. Please call the MASS office for more information on Preventative Services.